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Welcome to Elefit Fitness and Mobility, a specialized and safe fitness program for all, regardless of fitness level, age, race, identity, or sexual orientation. 

We will work together to help achieve your health and fitness goals. 

What is ELEFIT

Elefit is the idea that everyone has within them the strength and capability to achieve anything, regardless of athletic ability. Elefit members use strength, positivity, perseverance, and compassion to remove every obstacle and negative forces to achieve life-long goals. 

Personal Training sessions meet in the vibrant, uptown heart of Hillcrest at The Experience, a LGBTQ+ owned gym. Every session is uniquely designed and tailored to push you to the threshold of success and drive you toward your goals no matter your fitness level. 

Sessions include a diverse system of both practical and complex fitness tools including, but not limited to, free weights, strength training, sand bags, resistance bands, metabolic conditioning, and more!

Every session will train your physical and mental ability. They will leave you with the vitality to persevere and nurture your health, happiness, and well-being. Like an elephant, you will be ELEFIT!

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