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Coach Bailey

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Before I found Fitness I was battling an eating disorder.

I had a negative relationship with food and was on the verge of being hospitalized and knew I needed help. With the aid of a nutrition coach and a specialized fitness program I took control of my health and developed a passion for overall health and wellness.

My journey has led me to appreciate the complexity and nuance of health and wellness and pursue a career in advancing opportunities for others to reach their Health goals. 

As a fitness practitioner and health advocate, I believe it is vital to foster a positive relationship between individuals, fitness and food if they are to accomplish life-long success. I steadfastly believe that listening closely and compassionately is the best way to improve overall education and health and build thriving fitness members. Utilizing a uniquely, fun designed program, I aim to create a foundation on which individuals can achieve their overall fitness goals. 


I am a personal trainer with an advanced degree in Kinesiology and bodily mechanics. My focus is in strength training, metabolic conditioning, and mobility and corrective exercise. 


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